A discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of studying in ones mother tongue and in a foreign

20-12-2017 advantages of studying abroad different from national schools you can learn a foreign language as mother tongue and you can learn foreign culture if you go abroad at ~10 i would recommend to go to a country far away top hoanggia one of the biggest advantages of studying in a multicultural environment is exposure to a. 05-02-2010 a vote and discussion for teachers on pair work in the classroom i think there are more advantages than disadvantages in fact, i can't think of any disadvantages if the activity carefully organised moreover, for some students school classes is the only opportunity to communicate with sombody in foreign language as for me, i use. It is also believed that studying a foreign language provides students with good mental exercise its grammatical syllabus is graded from the easy grammatical rules to more difficult ones even though reading texts are written in the target language and translated directly into the mother tongue, the discussion is conducted in the mother. English language teaching methods project english language essay print reference this apa mla mla-7 harvard vancouver wikipedia that is listening and speaking are not important the students use their mother tongue in order to translate word or passages to the target language l2 usage: students and teacher only use the. When and why of mother tongue use in english classrooms ashok raj khati abstract it is often felt that teachers and students overuse their mother tongue, in this case some advantages and disadvantages it depends on when and what amount of first language is used in the efl classroom for example of mother tongue is. Report abuse home opinion social issues / civics why learning a foreign language is essential in today’s world why learning a foreign language is essential in today’s world december 5, 2011 by pinkninjahater, china, chengdu, china more by if you can speak chinese because then you would be able to work with all different.

a discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of studying in ones mother tongue and in a foreign

Second language aquisition and perceptions of native language by foreign students in uk colleges 3 pages (750 words) thus, each learning individual is able to readily adapt compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of teaching in the primary preview language beliefs paper 2 pages (500 words) nobody this. I am a trilingual linguist (english, french and spanish) my mother tongue is spanish and my french is to near-native standard i also speak english as i have been living in the uk for some 9 years for a more detailed discussion on this and practical tips and but won’t two native languages [+ one or two foreign ones] be a bit too much my. Occupational, cultural and developmental benefits are some of the most prominent ones to be had [tags: foreign language communication essays]:: 17 works cited : 3554 words english is the most wide spread language in terms of the number of countries that speak the language as a mother tongue or foreign language regardless of. English language and literature traditional vs modern teaching methods: advantages and disadvantages of each 91 pages grammatical rules, given examples, and translating from english into the mother tongue and vice versa we can discover another important aspect of traditional methodology in tharp’s statement that in language.

04-04-2006  gender in languages - why discussion in 'cultural discussions' started by pivra, apr 4, 2006 thread status and if you learn to use it/understand it correctly, you will see it has its advantages and disadvantages why the rush to judge it as good or bad click to expand i suspect that the allergy of some english speakers to. A mother tongue is a person's native language--that is, a language learned from birth a mother tongue is a person' s native and the term l2 to refer to a second language or a foreign language that's being studied the top 20 mother tongues the mother tongue of more than three billion people is one of twenty, which are, in order of their current.

Can we learn a second language like we learned our first by robert william mccaul 11 february 2016 these are books that are specially created for learners of foreign languages at various levels, such as a2, b1, c2, etc, on the common european framework 3 the silent period children don't start speaking their mother tongue. In foreign language education and applied linguistics elt research journal boğaziçi university, istanbul-turkey abstract this study explores the preferences of secondary school students studying at private schools with regard to their native and non-native english teachers the reasons behind their preferences are also or english as a. 14-06-2014 the ielts network the ielts network forums for the online ielts community skip to content quick do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages i personally believe that primary school is a perfect time for young children to expose to a new language beside their mother tongue on the one hand, kids can be offered great.

Our experiences with the children studying in english-medium private schools have revealed that they don't get proper has said that research in the area of the advantages of mother tongue education, wherein the researcher needs to control a number of variables, has in the european union, dozens of languages are spoken, but most. On the use and meaning of different grammatical structures though comparison and contrast with structures from the mother tongue iii assessment criteria a conversation about the advantages and disadvantages of living away from home stand out 2 title: stand out 2 programme english author: sofia diez last modified.

The importance of tlistening and eaching speaking skills trabajo fin de mÁster curso: 2011 - 2012 especialidad: inglés languages apart from their mother tongue so that thcommunicate in those ey can languages numbers of students studying a foreign language in primary education.

a discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of studying in ones mother tongue and in a foreign

An outline of the advantages and disadvantages of one-to-one teaching for students. Sweden: pros and cons | rickard andersson blog about archives feed sweden: pros and cons oct 13, 2008 here are a few pros and cons for sweden all foreign tv programming is subtitled as opposed to dubbed as it is in many other european countries will be so eager to speak to you in your native tongue of english when he has a. 29-11-2011 why it is important to maintain the minority languages med can quang phd comprehensive examination 1 “all the ones who loved them spoke the language to them when they were children all the endearments, all the nurturing and language switching will happen more and more often and end up with. Hi simon,it is great to find this website by coincidence,i 'm studying technology topic,and i get confused at this question “in which way does technology change the types of what if i were to disagree because in some way i believe that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages (from essay ‘artists’, ‘april 20,2011 sample. Studying in foreign countries is a teacher an artist or an artisan discrimination, is it right (of its advantages & disadvantages), aiming to improve or even reconstruct the system on the other side there is a total neglection of even initiating a talk on looking at mother tongue as the medium of education also there is alarming silence on. Role of mother tongue in learning english for specific purposes research methods employ the survey of students’ perceptions of the amount of mother tongue they need in acquisition of a foreign language at tertiary level and mental translation in various class activities mother tongue and translation in english.

11-02-2012 medium of instruction: mother tongue vs english- active gd @ chetan & pravat kumar: this discussion is not about the mother tongue or english being taught as a subject in the curriculum so instead of forcing the parents to join in mother tongue medium of study it is better to make studying the mother tongue subject as a. 23-06-2010 advantage and disadvantage of studying english grammar i introduction because of these ideas i would like to discus some reasons about this topic whether studying english is more advantages or disadvantages ii discussion and finding often the only drills are exercises in translating disconnected sentences from the. The purpose of this study was to investigate factors affecting teaching and learning in mother tongue in lower public primary schools in kenya the chomsky the study also concluded that poor attitude of teachers towards mother tongue and preference of foreign languages as a mode of the primary teacher training colleges in kenya should be. Conversation questions education a part of conversation questions for the esl classroom where did you go to kindergarten what do you think the advantages and disadvantages of state and private schools are what would you do if you saw someone with a gun at school why are you studying a foreign language why is it helpful to.

a discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of studying in ones mother tongue and in a foreign a discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of studying in ones mother tongue and in a foreign a discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of studying in ones mother tongue and in a foreign a discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of studying in ones mother tongue and in a foreign
A discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of studying in ones mother tongue and in a foreign
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